Vincent Tabard-Cossa

Vincent Tabard-Cossa is an associate professor in the Department of Physics, at the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa since 2010. His research program is dedicated to the development of novel techniques and methods to manipulate and characterize single-molecules using nanofluidic devices, to unravel the basic physics governing the behaviour of biological molecules in nanoconfined geometries, and ultimately to translate these discoveries into new tools for the health and life sciences.

Over the last few years his group developed a new nanofabrication method for making solid-state nanopores based on controlling breakdown of a dielectric membrane in solution. The method achieves feature size below 1 nm with atomic precision, while being orders of magnitude faster, cheaper and more reliable than any previously existing techniques. Considering the tremendous reduction in complexity and cost, it is envisioned that this fabrication strategy will not only democratize the use of solid-state nanopores, but will also provide a path towards nanomanufacturing nanopore-based biotechnologies.