TEXPO 2017 Financial Assistance

Student Travel Subsidy

To be eligible for a travel subsidy you must be:

  • A full-time, CMC Microsystems registered, graduate student of a Canadian University. CMC accounts are free; if you do not already have an account, please click Get an Account
  • Supervising Faculty must hold a valid Designer or Prototyping Level Subscription with CMC. Subscribe now.
  • The primary presenter for a project that is accepted into the TEXPO Research Competition.
  • Please note: secondary presenters, other students and faculty members who are exhibiting (but not competing) in TEXPO are not eligible for travel subsidies.

About the Subsidy

Subsidies will be awarded to the primary presenter in the TEXPO Research Competition based on proximity to the conference venue as follows:

  • Attendees who are traveling between 50 to 250 km (based on one-way travel to venue) are eligible for up to a maximum of $500.
  • Attendees who are traveling over 250 km (based on one-way travel to venue) are eligible for up to a maximum of $1000.


CMC will compensate CMC Microsystems-registered, primary presenters for all reasonable and approved expenses associated with travel, accommodations and meals for participation in the TEXPO Research Competition up to the values noted above (based on proximity to the conference venue; original receipts are required). PDF Expense Form

For an overview of approved expenses and related guidelines, please reference the CMC travel procedures on Page 2 of the expense form.

Registration fees will not be covered by CMC Microsystems. Each competitor will be expected to pay the registration fee in full. CMC will not provide a subsidy for travel within 100 km of the conference venue

  •  If travel exceeds 100 km, CMC will compensate primary presenters who drive their personal automobile to the conference venue, at 0.55/cents per km (maximum of 1000 kms) should this be the most economical means of transportation.
  • The TEXPO subsidy applies to individual travel only and cannot be transferred or combined with another subsidy.
  • TEXPO Presenters must participate in both days to be eligible for the travel subsidy.

Payment of Subsidies

  • Travel subsidies will be paid after Innovation 360, which takes place on September 25-26, 2017.
  • All claims must be submitted to CMC Microsystems within fifteen (15) calendar days of the end of the Innovation 360.
  • All documentation and original receipts should be submitted to Danielle Leroux at:

CMC Microsystems
945 Princess Street, Suite # 103
Kingston, ON
K7L 0E9

Should you have any questions regarding travel subsidies, please contact Danielle Leroux at 613-530-4654.