Colton Medal Nomination Guidelines

The medal and Prize

  1. There shall be one engraved medal and an associated monetary prize of $4,500. CMC Microsystems sponsors the award.
  2. The award is known as the Douglas R. Colton Medal for Research Excellence and recognizes significant contributions made while completing graduate studies in the form of a Master’s or Doctorate degree some time during the three years prior to nomination for the award. The three-year period provides time for the impact of the contribution to become more apparent, for example, through citations or commercial interest.
  3. The medal may be awarded in any field or discipline so long as the substantive contribution is to some aspect of microsystems or nanotechnology, including photonics, optoelectronics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microelectronics, microfluidics nano-materials, and embedded software or the application of microsystems or nanotechnology in Canada. The contribution must notably improve our understanding of, or demonstrate novelty in, applying fabrication technology, design methods and computer aided design tools, or system architecture.
  4. Presentation of the medal shall be made at an event appropriate to the Canadian community active in microsystems research and technology development.
  5. The recipient is required to acknowledge the sponsor of the award when referring to the award.


  1. the research must have been conducted primarily in Canada and have directly impacted industry in Canada and/or university research programs in Canada.
  2. The nominee must be either a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or an individual who has been a Canadian resident for three years prior to the nomination.
  3. Nominees need not be currently pursuing academic studies or be currently holding an academic appointment.


  1. Any post-secondary institution eligible for support by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, or any micro-nanosystems-related company in Canada, may nominate one person per year.
  2. There are no restrictions on who prepares the nomination but it must be submitted, as appropriate, either by the university’s Research Office, over the signature of an institution officer authorized to submit research proposals, or the company, over the signature of a company officer. Joint institution-industry nominations are encouraged. Joint nominations submitted by a university must include a covering letter from the company, signed by a company officer. Joint nominations submitted by a company must include a covering letter from the university, signed by an institution officer authorized to submit research proposals.
  3. Nominators must provide a short citation, summarizing the specific contribution to research that prompted the nomination. The citation must be in plain language, suitable for use in publications or presentation.
  4. Nomination information should focus on the nominee’s achievements in research and should include a statement about the nominee’s contribution, with emphasis on the specific contribution to research that prompted the nomination. Any available evidence of the recognition of the specific research within some discipline should also be included. To document the publication history of the nominee, the nominator should provide refereed papers, conference articles, technical reports or submitted papers.
  5. Each nomination must include two written references, from two different organizations, one of which must be academic. Example references include a thesis defense examiner external to the university and/or an industrial collaborator.
  6.  Nominators should prepare submissions with due regard to confidentiality, keeping in mind that competing submissions will be in preparation. All nominations are kept in confidence.

Deadline: August 25, 2017.

Send nominations to:

Ian McWalter, PhD, President and CEO
CMC Microsystems
945 Princess St., Suite 103
Innovation Park at Queen’s University
Kingston, ON  K7L 0E9