TEXPO winners 2017

Congratulations to our award winners!

Brian L. Barge Award for Microsystems Integration

Gabriel Gagnon-Turcotte (Université Laval, supervisor Benoit Gosselin)

High Resolution CMOS Neural Interface for Synchronized Electrophysiology and Optogenetics

Presented by Brian L. Barge

Industrial Collaboration Award

Suraj Sharma (École de Technologie Supérieure, supervisor Frederic Nabki)

Rotating MEMS Platform For Optical Switching

Presented by Guy Hamel, Teledyne DALSA

Honorable mention: Mohammad Mahdi Honari and Rashid Mirzavand (University of Alberta, supervisor Pedram Mousavi) for “Smart Direct-conversion Wireless/RFID Sensor.”

Micro-Nanosystems Design Award

Siba Moussa (McGill University, supervisor Prof. Janine Mauzeroll)

A Micro-litre Temperature-Controlled Flow Cell for Small Scale Studies of CYP 3A4

Presented by Cheryl Mendenhall, Cadence

Honorable mention: Mohammad Abdolrazzaghi (University of Alberta, supervisor Mojgan Daneshmand) for “Microwave Mixer-Sensor for Arbitrarily Shrinking Limit of Detection in Non-Invasive Sensors.”

Award for Excellence in Nanofabrication


Thomas Jones (University of Alberta, supervisor Mojgan Daneshmand)

Development of Monolithic Miniaturized Ridged Half-mode Waveguides for the Next Generation of Millimeter-wave Communication Systems

Presented by Rainer Schmid, Raith America, Inc.