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Gatineau, Québec
September 28-29, 2015

Thanks to everyone who attended Innovation 360, and to our generous sponsors. You helped to make our event a success.

Watch this space for updates on next year’s event.

Congratulations to our award-winning innovators!

Douglas R. Colton Medal for Research Excellence

Dr. Amir Sanati-Nezhad, University of Calgary

TEXPO Winners

NRC Industrial Collaboration Award:

Non-Contact High Resolution Microwave Resonator Liquid Sensor
Mohammad Abdolrazzaghi / Mohammad Zarifi, University of Alberta
Supervisor Dr. Mojgan Daneshmand

 Honorable mention:

Wearable Electronics for Better, Faster, Cheaper Healthcare
Elizabeth Hubis / Shiming Zhang
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Single Photon Avalanche Diodes(SPAD) Design, Characterization and Optimization in Teledyne DALSA 0.8 um HV CMOS Technology
Samuel Parent
Université de Sherbrooke

Dr. Brian L. Barge Award for Excellence in Microsystems Integration:

Smart Petri-Dish: A Fully Integrated Cell Imaging Platform for Real-Time Assessment of Living Cells
Ghazal Nabovati, École Polytechnique de Montréal
Supervisors: Dr. Mohamad Sawan and Dr. Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh

Teledyne DALSA Componentware/CAD Award

Single Photon Avalanche Diodes and Quenching Circuit Integrated in TSMC CMOS 65 nm for High Timing Precision
Frédéric Nolet, Université de Sherbrooke
Supervisor Dr. Jean-François Pratte 

Huawei Microsystems Design Award

Employing Piezojunction Effect for Ultra-low Power Resonant Microdevice Applications
Amin Rasouli, Simon Fraser University
Supervisor Dr. Behraad Bahreyni

Honourable Mention:

Modelling and Characterization of Core-Shell InGaN/GaN NanowireS Solar Cells on Si (111)
Ross Cheriton
University of Ottawa

An Adhesive Wafer Bonded CMUT Array for Biomedical Imaging
Rayyan Manwar
University of Windsor